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Friday, December 19, 2008

Are you kidding?

I just found out about this phenomenal concert that happened this past Sunday, December 14th at the Gibson Amphitheatre -

How in the world did they manage to gather that amount of talent in one place for one day?!!

What a line-up!!!! Five of the eight bands are on my favorites list ( The Cure + The Killers - I mean, talk about a long-time favorite plus my present-day favorite! and DCFC, SP and Vampire Weekend, who have the best album of the year?!!), with Paramore, Franz Ferdinand, and Scott Weiland not being counted due to knowing just a handful of songs from each of them (although Franz Ferdinand ranks pretty high in general just purely on sound of the few songs I do know).

I'm stunned.

I didn't read any reviews or how long each band played, but that must have been beyond amazing.

Those lucky LA'ers...



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oink Oink

Excerpt taken from page 50 of PDN's December 2008 issue:


It's a straightforward concept that really took off: a contest on portraits of faces. And based on the overwhelming response we received, we stand by the old adage that "Less is more." The winning images that follow are divided into four categories of portraiture: celebrity/editorial, environmental, self-portraits and animals.[...] Surprisingly, the highest volume of entries fell into our animal portraits category. [...] We congratulate the winners of our first
PDN Faces contest, and we thank you for sharing and putting your best faces forward.

This contest was judged by the editors at PDN.

I was surprised to hear about being picked as one of the 16 winners in the category as I went about it quite nonchalantly thinking, "I have an animal portrait I really like. I'll give it a try."

As some of you know, I DO have a fondness for pigs
photo by carrie higginbotham
(although this is more creepy than anything else)